Premium lifestyle air purifier – Bissell air320 Max

The BISSELL® air320 Air Purifier is part of the BISSELL line-up of premium lifestyle air purifiers that join form and function in your house. The Bissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier is created with nice and clean lines, sleek sides, modern legs, a highly discreet cord cover, and a fabric filtration system that suit into the design and style of nearly any home. Under the exceptional design is a highly effective machine you’d expect from BISSELL – a reliable brand in homecare. The BISSELL air320 senses and captures allergens. The easily cleaned fabric pre-filter on the front side of the machine is part of this air purifier’s 3 phase filtration. This filtration system also comes with a HEPA filter to catch hair, dirt, pollen and pet dander and an activated carbon filter to capture home smells, and unpredictable organic substances. The BISSELL air320 is managed by a soft-touch dial that allows consumers to change the fan speed and can accommodate large spaces such as bedrooms, living areas, basements, and dining rooms. Cleans 39.58 square meters any 15 minutes in 4.0 turns an hour. You’ve trusted BISSELL to clean up and care for the floors and surface types in your home.Bissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier

Bissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier contains a fabric prefilter that collects a surprising amount of dust, an activated carbon filter, and an H13 HEPA filter, additionally you can connect it to the Bissell application for simple monitoring. The application, as well as the digital display, will tell you when it’s time to change the filters, and what your air quality level is (good, moderate, or bad) based on a color-coded system (green, yellow, red). It furthermore looks stylish, with tiny wood made feet and a place to wrap up any cord excess.
Controls are really easy. There is a one power button on top of a easy dial which controls the fan speed, and that is about it. 5 speeds are accessible, or twist it all the way to the left for auto mode. There is no noticeable LED display, but when the device is powered on, numbers show up on a hidden display underneath the machine case plastic material frame. These numbers suggest the PM2.5 reading in real time. As well, a colorful light at the rear of the grille provides another visual indicator of air level of quality, from red-colored (bad) to blue (good).

Bissell states the unit could clear a 307 square foot room in your home in 12 minutes-or a larger space in a proportionally higher amount of time. CADR ratings of 198 (smoke), dust (206), and pollen (241) are not all that high considering the size of the device, but they are convenient for most environments. On the drawback, the air320 Max is quite noisy, even at reduced fan speeds. Sure enough, Bissell rates its max loudness at 59dB, which is higher than any unit we have analyzed to date.Bissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier

Bissell’s purifier stumbles when it comes to smart technology, and while the unit works with Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only), its connectivity capability is rugged. The process starts by having to scan a QR positioned behind the filters-which must be done while the unit is working. We got repeated faults trying to be connected to the purifier’s temporary network and from there had more problems connecting to my home’s Wi-Fi network.

Of course, the application can be used for manual control and to switch on a night mode that turns off all lighting. In any other case, features are reduced, although it tracks air conditions over time, but only PM2.5 levels. The application doesn’t include things like a scheduling program, nor does it connect to any third-party smart home ecosystems.  Photo: BissellBissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier

The air320 filters are rated for 6 months of usage before they will need to be replaced. Replacement filters run $19 and $22 for carbon and HEPA filters respectively. , a combination pack of both costs $50, $9 more than if you buy them one by one. The great news is that, at less than $300, the air320 Max hardware is a veritable discount. If you do not have intense purification requirements and want a unit that will look excellent in any room, Bissell Air320 Max WiFi Air Purifier is certainly really worth thinking about.

Estimated Container Quantities (20’/ 40’/ 40H) / Pallet Quantity (322 / 667 / 795) / 12 Eaches / Pallet
Carton Languages    EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / RU
Warranty   2 years
Timer    No
Night Mode    Yes – Automated Dimming Feature
WiFi Connectivity    No
Type of Filtration   Pre, HEPA, Carbon
Fan Speeds    5
Auto Mode    Yes – CirQulate™ System
Onboard Sensors    (PM2.5, VOC) PM2.5 Sensor
RealTime air Quality Feedback (Numercial Reading or Colored) Yes, Colored (Blue, Yellow< Red) & Numeric Reading 002-999
Stages of Filtration    3
Sound Level (dB)    37-59 dBA
Product Weight (without accessories and packaging)   8.709 kg
Motor Type (not always advertised)    DC
Coverage (m2) 158.33 square meters with 1 turn per hour (maximum cleaning efficiency is 4.8 turns per hour)
CADR Ratings (smoke)   227 CFM or 385 m3/h

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