Review- Enclave Audio CineHome PRO

Enclave audio CineHome PRO delivers rich and expansive surround sound. This speaker system powered by 5.1 uses wireless technology, so there is no need to run speaker cables in the room. It supports Dolby ® Digital and DTS® and is THX certified, ensuring reference level audio performance.

This system has a total of eight full range drivers and five tweeters distributed between a center channel speaker, two front speakers and two rear surround speakers. A powerful 10 ” subwoofer adds deep bass to the on-screen action.

Enclave Audio CineHome PRO

No home theater receiver required
The Enclave CineHome Pro Audio conveniently connects directly to your TV without the need for any additional receiver or amplifier. And it offers a more immersive experience than the soundbar media system. Each of its five speakers and subs are powered and wireless, so you can enjoy three-dimensional sound without running the speaker cable all over the floor.

Strong and stable wireless
Enclave Audio CineHome PRO system uses WiSA technology for reliable wireless connectivity. It’s completely independent of your Wi-Fi® router, so you don’t have to worry about consuming bandwidth. The transmission has a very low latency – audio delay) – 10 times lower than Bluetooth. This means that the speakers are synchronized to the TV in a single microsecond for a hassle-free home theater experience.

Easy setup and control
Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes. Connect each speaker to AC power, then connect the included CineHub wireless transmitter to your TV. The hub has an HDMI port that supports eARC (enhanced audio return channel), so you only need the single cable included in the package.

Enclave Audio CineHome PRO

You can control the power and volume with the TV remote control. The TV passes those control signals to the hub via HDMI. You can also download the Enclave Bluetooth mobile application to control the system and adjust the settings using your phone. Photo: Enclave Audio

Build on your system
CineHome pro’s wireless system makes it easy to expand your home theater system. You can add up to three more subwoofers to fill your room with even deeper and more powerful bass. As Enclave releases additional speakers, you can also add them to update the surround sound.

  • CineHome Speakers  –   Internal power supply     Voltage:100V-240V AC   Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz 
  • CineHubPower supply     Voltage: 100-240V   Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz 1.5 A MAX  Output: 12V 500mA  
  • Connection Types HDMI ARC Optical | S/PDIF | TOSLINK AUX 3.5mm Stereo Bluetooth 5.0
In the box – CineHome PRO 5.1 System:

1 x Subwoofer (10” front-firing)
1 x Center Speaker (2 x 3” Drivers + 1 x 1” Tweeter)
2 x Left and Right (2 x 3” Drivers + 1 x 1” Tweeter in each Speaker)
2 x Surround Speakers (1 x3” Drivers + 1 x 1” Tweeter in each Speaker)
6 x Power Cords
1 x CineHub Wireless Transmitter
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x Power Supply Cord
QuickStart Guide, Owners Manual, Legal/Warranty Information

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