Review: Philips Screeneo S4 1080p HDR DLP Short Throw Projector

Philips Screeneo S4 Full HD projector uses DLP technology . The projector does accept Ultra HD sources, but it downscales it to Full HD. HDR10 is also on the list of supported formats.
It is supplied with an LED light source that should be good for 1,800 lumens. A huge benefit is the lifespan of the LED lamps, they last up to 30,000 hours. The projector also takes only a couple of seconds to start, not like classic UHP lamps, they are almost immediately at full brightness.The Screeneo S4 menus did not show too many options for editing the image, and that is noticeable we also during the image processing tests. De-interlacing is outstanding, but the projector has problems detecting less popular movie and video frame rates. For that reason, you should provide progressive video (720p, 1080p, 2160p) to prevent kicking and combing results.
The Full HD image does not have the finest vertical resolution, and in the built-in image presets the sharpness is a little bit too high, so you can there sees false detail. Because the projector has no options to eliminate noise, that extreme sharpness can also accentuate noise. Play your favorite songs directly on the projector. Use your Screeneo as a Boombox by connecting your smartphones or any other Bluetooth device to have fun with great sound.
The Screeneo S4 has excellent assets, but the finish leaves much to be desired. The mixture of an older Android TV version and the Aptoide application store definitely does not provide a problem-free user experience, even though the issues are pretty much never a deal breaker. The clunky menu layout and limited image settings limit the maximum image quality you get from the projector. Yes, the projector supports HDR, but the colors are not always a good choice because of the intense colors. You don’t get ideal Full HD fine detail, possibly because of to a average lens. Lastly, there is a lot of competitors in this segment and for this reason the price looks like a bit too high for all of us.Philips Screeneo S4 Full HD projectorOn the other hand, the projector however has a lot to offer. It is sleek and stylish and powerful, and an superb option if you want to take it with you to friends or families. Despite the difficulties of the operating system, the built-in media players and streaming services are good value. The LED light source provides a generous portion of light, the projector has a solid contrast and the image is optimized for use in ambient light. A large white-colored wall is all you need to produce an intensive image.
A 94 ” image from just 2.5 metres away
If you’ve always wished a projector but have been put off by the space taken up, you need to check out the Philips Screeneo S4. This short throw projector is designed to work well in regular-sized rooms. Simply place on a bracket, shelf or piece of furniture and enjoy instant big screen entertainment – whatever the size of room.

Turbo size your image – up to 160 inches
Placed the projector close to 4.5 metres from the screen and you’ll get to enjoy super-sized images. At this distance, the screen size is a great 160 inches, giving truly cinematic pictures.
The perfect picture – right out of the box
Offering Auto Keystone and Auto Focus, the Screeneo S4 projector provides you a exceptional picture – right out of the box. Digital zoom lets you size the image to fit and 4-corner modification makes it simple to get the ideal fit – even if the projector is off centre.
HDR10 for advanced colour and contrast
With HDR10 and HLG compatibility, the Screeneo S4 projector is the ideal match for your UHD Blu-ray player, games console and other HDR video sources. HDR not only offers deeper blacks, brighter whites and more vibrant colours, but also subtler images, too. So what looks like an area of solid black on an inferior projector, is shown to have shade and texture, previously unseen.Philips Screeneo S4 Full HD projectorStereo speakers
Although a projector’s built-in sound system will never match that of a soundbar or soundbase, the Philips Screeneo S4’s is better than most. Where most projectors use a simple, mono speaker, the Screeneo S4 uses stereo system speakers. Capable of producing a unique, full-range sound they’re an easy match for most TVs. Photo: Philips
Android OS for smart TV
In a complicated world of catch-up TV, Android OS makes sense of it all. Using a very clear, intuitive interface, Android lets you effortlessly switch between Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other services. The Android OS system lets you download just the apps you need, tailoring your choice of apps to your exact needs.
AirMote for effortless control
For quick navigation, the provided AirMote, gesture controller, lets you pick and select what you want to watch with a simple point and just click.
Connect up your devices
When it comes to device compatibility the Screeneo S4 scores again. As well as the standard HDMI – which is suitable for most video sources – the Screeneo S4 also has connections for optical digital and USB. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are typical, as well.
Bluetooth bonus
As well as being a practical projector, the Screeneo S4 also makes a nice Bluetooth speaker. Just pair your smartphone, tablet or other gadget and play your music out loud on the stereo speaker system.
Discover the much bigger picture, in comfort, with the Philips Screeneo S4 .

Philips Screeneo S4 Specs:

Brand    Philips
1080p Full HD Ready          Yes
HDR                 Yes
BBC iPlayer            Yes
Digital Audio Output             Yes – Optical
USB          2
Weight (KG)               1.8
Component                No
DLNA Compliant           Yes
Remote Control           yes
Bluetooth            Yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)          192 x 192 x 110
HDMI            1
Wi-Fi Built In          yes
Carry Bag        No
Maximum Screen Size              160″
Projection Technology             DLP
Fan Noise            NA
Throw Ratio         1.2:1
Lens Shift          No
S Video            No
Pixel Resolution       1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio         100,000:1
3D TV          No
Speakers       Yes (Stereo)
Gesture Control       Yes – AirMote
HDR Format        HDR10, HLG
Power Consumption          – Standby 0.5




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