Review: Quad Vena II Stereo Amplifier for high-quality sound

Quad Vena II

Quad’s small thin amplifier now sounds bigger and better, adding additional features as well.

The compact amplifier that does everything
Packed inside the discreet Quad Vena II, you’ll find everything you need in a modern amplifier. An integrated DAC (digital-analog converter) provides digital inputs and outputs. Analog inputs include a dedicated connection to your turntable. Wireless music can also be streamed from your smartphone or other device, thanks to the Bluetooth link. There is also a high-quality headphone output. Everything you need on an amplifier is in Quad Vena II.

Quad quality sound
With decades of premium audio experience, the Quad Vena II sounds increasingly rewarded. An improved toroidal transformer and high-power capacitors will give Vena II firm control and excellent dynamic range. Whatever the music, the Quad’s 45-watt channel offers a “sound wall” that makes you feel like artists are in the room with you.Quad Vena II

Play high-resolution music files
With the magnificent ESS Sabre32 reference DAC in your heart, the Vena II effortlessly manages your high-resolution music files. Use usb digital input and vein II decoding up to 32 bits/384 kHz studio quality and DSD256. With optical and coaxial inputs, the high-resolution musical capacity is still impressive 24-bit/192 kHz, the usual standard for most high-resolution music files.

Full digital connectivity
Vena II helps you get the most out of your digital, high-resolution components and has a class-leading range of digital shots. Choose from USB, coaxial and two lenses for your inputs – ideal for your computer, TV, Blu-ray/DVD/CD player, network streamer and many other devices with digital output. There are also optical and coaxial digital outputs, which makes this amplifier perfect for digital recorders or multi-room power.Quad Vena II

Bluetooth for wireless audio
For wireless transmission, the Vena II is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth. Compatible with aptX, the Vena II offers high-quality Bluetooth transmission potential. Simply pair with your smartphone, tablet or other device and stream your favorite stored music and music services, such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

Connect analog sources
Vena II hasn’t forgotten your analog sources. Twin RCA inputs are perfect for connecting sources such as a tuner, cassette player, or any other source with an analog output. With its pre-amplifier outputs, you can also connect a more powerful and larger power amplifier if desired.

Vinyl doesn’t take the back seat
Quads equipped with the Vena II with a sound input; allows you to connect turntables equipped with a mobile magnetic cartridge. However, this is not just any old phony voice. The precise low-noise JFET RIAA EQ based circuit gets the best out of the sound of your turntable. Low distortion and wide frequency response means that you can hear the thinnest details with crystal clear clarity.Quad Vena II

Top output for headphones
Like the phono pre-amplifier, the headphone output develops carefully and skillfully in its own right, rather than being a later idea. The Vena II is equipped with a dedicated headphone amplifier with power feedback circuit and wide bandwidth. This gives you a sound that is much more powerful and three-dimensional than you could normally get with most standard headphone outputs. It also powers a wide range of headphones with ease, even if they are power-hungry designs.

Good smart look
With the perfect balance between retro and minimalism, the Vena II is a classic of design. The “Lancaster Grey” standard is mixed with a wide range of components and speakers. With a width of only 313 mm, it also has a smaller footprint than most of its rivals, making it easier to adjust narrower spaces.Photo:Quad

Get an amplifier that handles everything and sounds great in the deal: the Quad Vena II is the perfect device.

Quad Vena II specs:

Brand    Quad
Colour     Lancaster Grey
Power Output –   Watts per CH 45 x 2
Phono Input Yes –   MM
Optical Digital Inputs    2
USB Input 1 x USB Type A
XLR Inputs   No
Power Amp In   No
Audio Outputs   No
Pre Output   Yes
Sub Output   No
Headphone Output   Yes
Remote Control    Yes
Bluetooth    Yes
Analogue RCA Inputs   2
High Resolution Audio    Yes
Freq Response (Hz)   20 – 20,000
Coaxial Outputs   1
Optical Outputs    1
Weight (KG)    6.1
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)   313 x 302 x 94
Speaker Sets    1
Tone Controls    No
Loudness Control    No
Coaxial Inputs     1

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