Stereo Amplifier Rotel A11 Tribute Review

Optimized by the best in the industry, the Rotel A11 Tribute delivers exceptional sound quality.

Tuned in by audio legend Ken Ishiwata
As one of the final projects in which audio legend Ken Ishiwata worked, this Rotel amplifier is a true tribute to one of the greats of high fidelity. With upgrades, including improved capacitors, to the pre-amp and volume phase, the A11 Tribute offers greater accuracy and accuracy. The muted changes in the housing reduce distortion, giving an even more realistic sound.

An impressive starting point
As a basis for a tuning project, the Rotel A11 Stereo Amplifier has always been a great place to start. Developed from the highest A14 specification, the A11 has a toroidal power supply designed on a custom basis in its heart, for fluid and dynamic power. The discrete output phase uses quality components for a low distortion. An integrated Burr-Brown DAC (digital to analog converter) provides exceptional resolution of Bluetooth broadcast sources.Rotel A11 Tribute

Wireless connectivity
With a built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device, wirelessly. Compatible with aptX and AAC, it’s a high-quality device that lets you stream music to a high-quality level, perfect for premium versions of your favorite music streaming service.

High connectivity
In addition to Bluetooth, the A11 Tribute has a wide range of wired connectivity. There is a sound input for a rotating plate with MM cartridge (Moving Magnet), four line-level inputs and a pre-output to add a larger power amplifier. More unusually, there’s also RS232, external remote control and 12-volt shooting, which lend themselves to multi-camera home entertainment apps.Rotel A11 Tribute

Practical features
A wide range of features includes two sets of speaker outputs, adjustable display and a headphone jack.

Adjustable tone mode
In addition to the usual low and sharp controls, the Rotel A11 has dedicated tone modes. ‘Rotel Max’ is designed to help you “fill” the smaller speakers by offering a low-frequency boost. If you use smaller speakers in a larger room, this can be a useful fit. ‘Rotel Boost’ offers a unique mix of features for a smoother sound. It is perfect for parties or any other time when you want your music to have more presence.

Stunning design
Built to Rotel’s high standards, the A11 Tribute Stereo Amplifier is incredibly solid. The clean, minimalist style is timeless and matches a wide range of other components. Choose between black and silver for the best fit with other high-fidelity components.Photo:Rotel

Give the entire system excellent quality with the Rotel A11 Tribute.

Rotel A11 Tribute Specs:

Brand Rotel
Colour Black
Weight (KG) 6.9
Remote Control yes
Bluetooth Yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 × 345 x 93
Freq Response (Hz) 10 – 100,000 (Max)
Power Output – Watts per CH 50 x 2
Phono Input Yes – MM
Power Consumption- Normal Use 160
Power Consumption – Standby 0.5
Audio Outputs No
Pre Output Yes
Sub Output No
Headphone Output Yes
Speaker Sets 2
Tone Controls Yes
Analogue RCA Inputs 4
Optical Digital Inputs No
XLR Inputs No
Power Amp In No
Loudness Control Yes 
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