Which version of the RTX 2080 GPU runs the fastest and most stable?

It has been tested time and yet again that all of versions of a selected GPU perform about the exact same.
The benefits as a result come in the capability to always keep the GPU cool and keeping it from thermal stepping. As you fully understand, a GPU will certainly reduce its boost clock by 12.5MHz for every 5 degrees of temperature grow. So in fact, you can receive an extra 75MHz of GPU clock by running it at 50° rather of 80°
Cooling comes all the way down to three things, generally.
Ambience temperatures and getting heating out of the PC case as fast as possible.
Using well enough surface area on the GPU cooling solution.
Having adequate air flow over the GPU cooling solution.
If you have the greatest GPU ever created, but the heat inside of your PC is 75° your GPU overall performance is going to suffer and the fans are really going to go crazy intending to cool the graphics card.
Assuming we have a case with very good airflow, the RTX 2080 of choice for all of us has always been the Zotac AMP Extreme edition.

After viewing several comparison video tutorials, many of us say that We was fascinated by the MSI Gaming X Trio for keeping cool and overclocking perfectly.MSI Gaming X TrioA good overclock for these graphic cards is 2100MHz, and with every five degrees over 40° you will lose 12.5MHz. In other words, overclocking and after that running the card at 60° will certainly result in an effective clock speed of 2050MHz. Running the card at 80° will decrease the clock speed to 2000MHz or 1987MHz.
As per the silicon lottery every single card will probably perform a little bit different from every single other card when overclocked.
But as a guideline, every RTX 2080 GPU will overclock to 2100MHz and run at around 68°C. The primary adjustable will be the loudness of the fans. You can minimize this as much as possible by providing a lot of cold air straight to the RTX 2080 graphic card. Photo: MSI


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