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Apple to invest $1 billion in original content: report

Apple Inc. has set a budget of roughly $1 billion to procure and produce original content over the next year, according to people familiar with the matter—a sign of how serious the iPhone maker is about making a splash in Hollywood, The Wall Street Journal reports. Combined with the company’s marketing...

Leaks suggest sharper display in next Apple iPhone

Various leaks have indicated the new Apple iPhone will feature a sharper display, a so-called OLED screen that will extend from edge to edge of the device, thus eliminating the exterior gap, or "bezel,'' that currently surrounds most phone screens. It may also boast facial recognition technology for...

MediaTek Helio X30 processor-balance performance with battery life

With this announcement, MediaTek Helio X30 processor is now at the top of the chipset stack from MediaTek. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Taiwanese chipmaker, MediaTek followed up on its initial announcement last August and went on to provide further details on the Helio...

How to run NGINX as a Docker container

If you're looking to run NGINX as a Docker container, and expose it to your local network, here's how to do it. Using Docker containers makes for an incredibly easy way to roll out apps and services onto your network. With this, you can extend the offerings of...

How Much Does It Expense To create an incredible Iphone App?

Normally, we all obtain a lot of e-mails and phone calls requesting us precisely how much the application price to develop the best app. A lot of men and women feel which that it is really luxurious to create an incredible app plus moreover they already have...

The best running watch- Garmin Forerunner 35

With built-in GPS to track where, how far and how fast you run, the Forerunner 35 gives you plentiful feedback during training. The watch also track calories burned, helping you to make informed dietary choices to support your current training regime. A Virtual Pacer mode pits your performance against pre-set targets,while...
Facebook Live

Facebook Live continues to be an outlet for gruesome crime

On Tuesday, two journalists were shot dead during a Facebook Live stream in the Dominican Republic. That afternoon, Facebook Live captured a separate incident where a two-year-old child and 26-year-old man were shot dead and a pregnant woman was critically injured. Why this matters: Like the spread of...
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Chinese giant Alibaba new invest – $7.2 billion in entertainment

Alibaba Group's top entertainment executive is cementing his reputation as a bold leader at the Chinese e-commerce giant, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. Yu Yongfu was named CEO of Alibaba's newly consolidated media and entertainment subsidiary in October. This week, the 40-year-old executive pledged to invest $7.2 billion (RMB50...
Porsche Design Huawei Mate

Amazing Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 Available for preorder for only €….

We have said a lot related to Huawei Mate 9.It’s Leica dual-camera is awesome, the battery is amazing and can last two days with standard usage and the design and style is slick. But when the device was shown in Germany ,one other phone really caught the...
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Apple Pulls watchOS 3.1.1 Upgrade Right after Bricking Problems

Previously this few days,along with its common release of iOS 10.2,Apple also rolled out watch OS 3.1.1 for its original Watch,much better Watch Series 1, and the fresh Watch Series 2. As suggested by the pregressive increase in the edition number over the earlier release, watchOS 3.1.1...

Microsoft Surface Studio-offers 63% more pixels than a 4K

Microsoft's top of the range Surface Studio - which offers 63% more pixels than a 4K television.The $4699 device - aimed at the high end creative industry - including designers, engineers, developers, and photographers - includes the "thinnest LCD monitor ever built". "With a stunning ultra-HD 4.5K screen,...
Huawei Smart Watch

The future of Android Wear smartwatches

Apple these days is market leader but it wasn’t the first to build smartwatches. Companies such as Microsoft, Seiko and Sony had a go at making them. That’s not to say Apple’s watch has been a runaway success. Far from it. Figures produced by IDC in October...