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EVGA X Micro

Fast Review-EVGA X99 Micro 2 board-just perfect!

The actual X99 platform is extremely eye-catching. Six cores or more, quad-channel memory,a lot of PCIe lanes,expanded storage options, the list goes on.But for those looking to shift to a more compact form factor in the process,choices are minimal. MicroATX and small X99 boards are few and far...
Yamaha RX V  thumb

Review of YAMAHA RX-V781 – Full and defined sound

As the most powerful receiver with three-digit mark in RX-V series,Yamaha RX-V781 delivers a power of 95 watts into seven channels, support for Immersive Sound formats and all other options that might need them more demanding users. Design and development At first glance, Yamaha RX-V781 is difficult to distinguish...
ipad pro in w

10.5-inch version of Apple iPad Pro tablet

Returning in 2015, Apple launched the first iPad Pro. This 12.9- inch super-tablet arrived with Apple’s fairly unique for-the-sake of-it Pencil stylus, and had a lot beefier guts than the several other iPads. It continue to ran iOS rather than MacOS, so it didn’t take on the Surface Pro...

Netflix Error M7353 – How to fix this problem

When watching something from Netflix, you may possibly experience some typical difficulties. Encountering a number of error codes has become very usual. In this post, you will get some important tips to resolve Netflix error m7353. Likely, Netflix is your main movie and tv show streaming service. However,...
Audiolab M DAC   th

New D/A converter Audiolab M-DAC +-A large number of options and filters

Thanks to its compact dimensions and a beautiful display, but above all enormous possibilities, excellent sound and build quality, M-DAC has from the start been very popular and raised a lot of dust in audiophile circles, but from today's perspective can be said that has redefined the...

WD Red 10TB hard drive-outstanding performance and stability

Western Digital’s Red series of NAS hard drives has verified to be a champion for the company, with outstanding performance and stability, making them the NAS drive of choice for numerous system designers. Until fairly recently, the biggest capacity was 8TB, but WD has simply bumped this...

New Nokia 5 Android with excellent price

The new Nokia 5 has a 5.2in IPS HD display within a neat, compact body (149.7x72.5x8.05mm) that’s smooth, sleek and comfortable to hold thanks to rounded edges. It’s made from a single block of 6000 series aluminium for a premium finish, and uses Gorilla Glass to add durability...

Kingwear KW88 smart watch review-you will like this watch

When compared with the smartphone, the smart watch normally takes the advantage of easily carrying. It offers a small size and it allows wearing on the hand.Nevertheless, it has an evident disadvantage that it does not have a big display screen. That implies you could not use...

MSI X299 chipset for ultimate gaming performance

The X299 chipset is the progression of the X99 chipset, supporting up to 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes ,quad channel DDR4-2666 memory,10x USB 3.1 ports, assist for Intel’s trail-blazing Optane memory, DMI 3.0 and updated Turbo Max Boost 3.0 technology. MSI has a historical past of invention and industry...

4K ILC mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix GX850 review

The Lumix GX850 is a follower of Panasonic’s GF8 and GM5 cameras, offering an interchangeable lens structure in a really lightweight body. The tiny size is a pleasure, while the big screen on the back uses a very favorable level of accessible space, so there was no feeling...
hard drive

How Hard drives works – crucial components of PC

Your laptop PC can have a few drives,with all but the hard drive removable or external.A hard drive,also named a hard disk drive, is a device inside of your laptop for storing and retrieving digital files, like as software programs, files, images, and music. Hard drives have...

Review- Samsung,Really Fast Portable SSD T5

The updated Samsung SSD T5 is here, and it is a little smaller (74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm), a little faster (up to 540MB/s claimed, vs 450MB/s for the T3), and comes in capacities up to 2TB. It’s formatted with exFAT, so is out of the box...