How to backup all emails from Gmail?

As you know, everyone uses Gmail emails very frequently for exchanging important documents and information. Then you need to backup all the important emails to avoid data loss. Therefore, here we find the perfect tip for a user query “How to download all Gmail emails”. In this post, we deal with both traditional approaches and tools. So you can compare both the method and choose the best one with a better and faster service.

Why do I need to backup my Gmail email data?

Nowadays backing up every email client is necessary to protect all important data, and Gmail is one of them. To protect all emails from virus attacks or to migrate data from one email client to another or protect our Gmail account from hacking, all we need is to backup all the data in advance. Then you very much need to backup your email data to a PC, USB, hard drive etc. to protect your account from these issues.

Now, you’ve been thinking about how to back up Gmail emails traditionally. So here we came out with a manual approach that can only back up your emails to other desktop email clients.

How to save Gmail emails to your computer?

There is a manual method to backup your Gmail email as follows:

Method: How to backup Gmail data


First turn on IMAP access, then allow IMAP access to everyone.
Install or use a desktop email program like Outlook, Mozilla, and so on to sign in to your account.
Then press ok to complete the desktop email connection with Gmail. From this point, messages sent to your account will also be sent to a connected desktop email. This is the manual backup for your Gmail emails to other email clients.
This manual method only helps to back up all emails to other desktop email clients, but is unable to download it. So we recommend going for an alternative approach to the tool that downloads all Gmail emails to PC.
Why use the Gmail Email Backup tool to back up all my emails?

The Gmail backup tool is the perfect solution for backup where you can download all emails in any format such as PST, EML, MBOX, PDF on PC, hard drive, USB. With the help of this tool, you can easily back up all Gmail emails with attachments. This tool is a reliable solution with 100% accuracy and data integrity. This tool also gives us the ability to delete emails from the account after backing up. It also has data range filtering options, so you can back up the few important emails out of thousands. Select a start date and end date when backing up emails, and then the tool backs up only emails sent or received during the date mentioned.

How to use the Gmail Backup tool:

First, install the Gmail backup tool software
Download emails with attachments on PC, hard drive, USB drive
Back up all emails in a different format such as PDF, PST, EML, MBOX, HTML etc.
If someone wants to migrate that backup to other email clients like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail Etc., you can do so simply by importing backup files into their respective clients.
The Gmail backup tool maintains the hierarchy of folders and subfolders.
It has a reliable and intuitive interface, which also supports all versions of Windows & MAC. Non-Tech can also use this tool very easily.