Insta360 Nano-stylish and perfect Camera for your iPhone

Make your iPhone a 360° camera instantly!
The Insta360 Nano is remarkably sleek and stylish.It can be used
on its own but is most effective connected to your iPhone’s Lightning
port. It does not have a tripod socket,so it requires additional hardware to
stand up; without, your hand will loom large in your photos.Insta Logo

Individually powered,charged through a micro USB,the camera has been made specially for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus,6s,and 6s Plus models and comfortable will fit the phone’s curved edge.

Exposure is completely automatic,but there is a slider for you to adjust brightness.There is control for white balance
and an HDR option to avoid blown-out highlights too,and a memory card slot to control media storage.

Connecting to an iPhone is easy.Once in place the Nano is simple to control from the application,but whether or not
it’s connected to your mobile phone,you can’t easily put it down for free-standing shots.The application previews the 360-degree view and gives you Instagram-like filters for captured instanano

There’s a MicroSD card slot,so the total capacity is flexible.The Lightning connector means 360-degree shots and video clips can be moved to your iPhone instantly,and the application can share to Facebook,Twitter and Facebook Messenger.Capture 360° moments along the way.

Resolution-3040 * 1520
Storage Medium- TF card
Dimensions-110mm(D) × 33mm(W) × 21mm(H)
Weight- 70 ± 5g
Battery Capacity-800mAh
Adapter Requirements-5V / 1Ainsta

Price-£199 – Insta360,