IPS Monitor ViewSonic VP2468-Cheap with good feature set

ViewSonic VP2468-just $250.Honestly, that is all you now need to stump up for a 24-inch,Full-HD, IPS, multi-input,fully-adjustable PC monitor.Selling prices truly have tumbled over the last 5 years.

If that is the new norm,it’s also the highly reasonably competitive context in which ViewSonic’s
newest,the VP2468,should strut its products.The good information is that its feature set does certainly
go a little beyond that norm.For the report,it starts with the above mentioned IPS panel
and its 1920×1080-pixels.Undoubtedly at this cost point,it’s almost certainly a Six-bit-per-channel
panel in hardware terms,and uses dithering to realize the claimed 16.7 mil colors.ViewSonic VP

Nevertheless,the ViewSonic VP2468 also works with 14-bit 3D look-up tables,as well as six-axis
color adjustment performance.Both equally are a little uncommon for this type of display,
and elevate the VP2468’s utility beyond the budget-monitor public.Its static
contrast,at the same time, is rated at 1,000:1,the optimum refresh at native resolution
is 60Hz, the backlight is a simple white LED affair,and max brightness is 250cd/m2.If all that,bar the color management stuff, is pretty much par for the course, ViewSonic has also thrown in a good variety of input
options,together with two HDMI inputs,both
full and little DisplayPort connectors,and a DisplayPort-out for daisy chaining.
But if there is anything that truly makes
the VP2468 stand out physically,it’s the bezels.Generally there are many affordable
monitors with slim bezels on three sides.But the ViewSonic VP2468 ups the ante to all 4.In other words, it lacks the large,fat chin of most slim-bezel designs. The final result is a
pleasingly minimalist design, and one that looks plainly sleek and stylish for a 24-inch panel.The completely adjustable stand with swivel, rotate,tilt, and height tweak-ability is a pleasant add-on,too.ViewSonic VP

All of which just leaves the minor issue of how this display works in action.The VP2468 is pitched as a cheap option for
professional apps,and with that in mind, each panel comes factory calibrated,
full with a print-out of the results, and a guarantee that all color deltas are below
two. The up-shot is a perfectly set-up display,with fantastic detail in both black and white
scales. As you’d expect from an IPS display,the viewing angles are superb,too.ViewSonic VP

One more plus point concerns the two-tier OSD menu. With both a easy menu for frequently used settings and a fuller
option that contains more adjustments,it’s extremely enjoyable to use. The only evident
omission is an option for adjusting the pixel overdrive. That brings us to the first
of the VP2468’s image quality troubles. The pixel response is average.Even worse,there
is occasionally some fairly obvious inverse ghosting with specific colors and shapes. As if that isn’t enough,the likely fact that this is a cheap 6-bit IPS panel is all too obvious when viewing color gradients. The tell-tale
banding is, sadly, clearly noticeable.
We’re not “crazy” about the contrast,vibrancy, and colors,also.We had a 4K TN monitor operating in parallel during this
review process, and it had this ViewSonic thoroughly defeated for subjective contrast and color vibrancy,which goes
to show you shouldn’t always base your buys on panel type.The comparison
also highlighted a absence of punch from the backlight, and a minor dirtiness to
the quality of the white tones. It’s not the
finest,whitest panel you could wish for.Of course, this is an affordable $250
screen, it has a strong function set, and its faults are mostly generic.Cheap
6-bit IPS panels are not pretty. If you need the special features the ViewSonic VP2468 offers,
most notably the 14-bit 3D look-up tables and six-axis color controls,it may make sense at this aggressive price level. For everyone else,we recommend throwing a few more bucks at your display.

Panel Size 24-inch
Native Resolution 1920×1080
Panel Type IPS
Maximum Refresh 60Hz
Response 5ms
Display Inputs 2x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort
Connectivity USB 3.0
VESA Mount 100 x 100mm
Warranty Three years