Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – the first split-designed keyboard

The build quality of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is good and quite similar to that of the Kinesis Freestyle Pro, but with slight improvements. The board has no flex and the keys are stable. The Keys also feel a bit ‘ more structured and do not feel too cheap. The cable is also stranded and feels durable. This keyboard is compatible with RGB SmartSet software. You can create up to nine Profiles with different keybind and lighting effects. The dashboard also has ‘tap-and-hold key actions’, which means that each key can support two different actions: one triggered by a quick tap and another by a press-and-hold action.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB split mechanical gaming keyboard allows you to place them half the way you want. The card also comes with a nice, fluffy wrist rest, which can be detached. However, it does not have the incline settings included, but you can purchase a “lift Kit” separately. Kinesis Freestyle Edge is an excellent gaming keyboard. It features Cherry MX mechanical switches and RGB lighting. The board is solid and feels robust, and you can reprogram every key, including the nine dedicated macro keys.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a great programming keyboard. It offers a great writing experience and is available in some Cherry MX switch variants. It has a backlight for if you need to work in a dark environment or late at night and its excellent ergonomics allows you to write comfortably during long sessions. Programmers should also enjoy the ability to reprogram each key, including the nine dedicated macro keys. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a great office keyboard thanks to its incredible ergonomics. You can divide the two halves in any way you want and put them at ease. It also has a convenient wrist rest for each half, but you need to purchase the tilt adjustments separately. On the plus side, writing about it is quite quiet for an open office, unless you choose to get the clicky MX Blue switches, which will be stronger.Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is designed to be an ergonomic, split and mechanical gaming keyboard. It comes with Cherry MX switches, which you can choose between Red MX, Brown, Blue and Speed Silver, although we have tested the brown switches. The board is well built and is a small overall improvement over the very similar Kinesis Freestyle Pro. It also has RGB lighting and includes the palmrest on the two halves of the keyboard.Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Photo> gaming.kinesis-ergo