Stereo integrated Amplifier – Cyrus ONE

Sound of Cyrus – amplified
Using Cyrus’ third-generation Class D digital amplification, One produces a huge, expansive, but precise sound typical of this world-class brand. With 100 watts per channel at your fingertips, this children’s amplifier produces a sound that’s far from small. About twice as many typical amplifiers at this price, the Cyrus One is as comfortable with a full orchestral piece as it is with a live concert that turned out to be “max”!Cyrus OneBluetooth connectivity
Designed to get the best out of your music, whatever the source, Cyrus One offers Bluetooth connectivity. Simply pair with your compatible smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and you can wirelessly stream all your stored music, as well as music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Also, since Cyrus uses high-quality apt-X encoding, you can enjoy audio files with the highest Bluetooth quality.

Send Bluetooth from your phone, connect a disc player directly, or connect Google Chromecast audio to stream CD-quality music. It also has one sound per pound, one of the best headphone amplifiers that money can buy. ONE is the standard by which others are measured.

The Cyrus ONE is a versatile beast. Thanks to its huge power capacity, it can comfortably drive speakers to fill large rooms, but it is just as comfortable in an office or bedroom environment. The exquisite headphone amplifier makes it particularly suitable for these latest applications, the perfect companion for a nightly listening session in front of the laptop.

Simplicity and integration are fundamental for this product. In addition to being controllable by the app, Cyrus Audio have built a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, so that users can send music from their phones and a “phono scenario” so that users can connect a turntable directly. The powerful 100 watt stereo amplifier section uses our “D-class hybrid engine” internally, one of the most impressive amplifier designs of recent years.Cyrus One

The ONE also has serious ‘Head-Fi’ credentials. The built-in Class AB headphone amplifier is outstanding. When used in this mode, all the power of the large toroidal transformer is diverted to improve this section of the amplifier, producing a dynamic range and level of control rarely seen in dedicated headphone amplifiers.

Another innovation of our design team and implemented in Cyrus ONE is the “SID” system. This means “Speaker Impedance Detection”. When the amplifier is turned on, it measures the connected speakers and automatically calibrates the amplifier for the best possible performance.

Our overall design goal with Cyrus ONE was to create an integrated amplifier product that is as relevant and important today as Cyrus One’s original product in the 1980s. We wanted it to be affordable, drive almost every speaker system on the market, and be a fantastic entry point to the core values our brand represents. We are exceptionally proud of the results and are confident that this amplifier will offer users many years of great listening experiences.
Auditing application
For total convenience, you can control all the many functions of the amplifier through a free app. Available for Apple iOS and Android, the app offers a clear and smooth interface that is especially useful if you are streaming music from the same device.
Connect everything, including the turntable and headphones
It may be small, but that doesn’t stop That from packing all the features it needs. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, there are also four line-level inputs, including a handy AV bypass if you are integrating the amplifier into a home theater system. A PHOno MM scenario allows you to connect your turntable and a high-quality headphone jack with dedicated amplifier makes private listening as stimulating as it is noisy.Cyrus OneDimensions of Cyrus
Despite packing into a 100-watt amplifier and impressive connectivity, the Cyrus One remains one of the most compact amplifiers in its class. The size of the shoebox makes it ideal for tighter spaces where traditional full-size high fidelity simply doesn’t go. True to the legacy of Cyrus products, the minimalist design also offers timeless style and long-term user pleasure.Photo:Cyrus Audio

Cyrus One Specifications:

Brand   Cyrus
Colour    Black
Analogue RCA Inputs    4
Phono Input    Yes – MM
MP3 Front Input   No
Optical Digital Inputs   No
USB Input   No
XLR Inputs   No
Power Amp In   No
Audio Outputs   1
Pre Output    Yes
Sub Output    No
Headphone Output   Yes
Speaker Sets   1
Frequency Response      6 – 50,000
Tone Controls    No
Loudness Control    No
Power Output – Watts per CH    100 x 2
Tuner Radio    No
Remote Control    yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)    220 x 390 x 85
Weight (KG)    5.7
Power Consumption- Normal Use   750
DLNA Compliant    No
Wireless Connection   No
Internet Radio Services   No
Bluetooth    Yes