Vizio SB2020n-G6 Review – compact 2.0 soundbar

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 is a compact 2.0 soundbar. Although it can’t be mounted on the wall and doesn’t get strong enough to fill a large room, its compact size can be a good addition to a computer setup as it’s not very high and shouldn’t obscure the screen unless the monitor sits flush at the table. It has a balanced and neutral midrange, which is fine for the content of the dialogue, and its bass can pack a punch. However, because it does not have a subwoofer, it lacks shock and rumble. At the same time, there is some distortion and audible compression from the bass range, even at a normal listening volume. Although it offers several connectivity options, it lacks an HDMI In port and can only support PCM content. The SB2020n-G6 has a sleek and compact design, making it suitable for small to medium-sized TVs. It measures approximately 20 inches in width, which allows for easy placement on a TV stand or wall-mounting beneath a television.Vizio SB2020n-G6 soundbar

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 is disappointing for mixed use. This soundbar is best suited for a computer configuration and appears in its performance. Its dark sound profile lacks a clumsy bass, which can affect your immersion in action movies or music. It is not too strong, which can be a problem for home parties or large rooms. However, it should be more than enough if you’re listening to voice-focused content.Vizio SB2020n-G6

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 is fine soundbar for dialogue and TV shows. Although it has a sound-neutral midrange, which is suitable for voice content, it lacks a dialog enhancement feature to extract voices. It’s not too loud, but it should be appropriate if you’re listening to your favorite TV shows. Automatic volume mode also allows you to balance the volume between different audio content, such as between TV shows and advertisements.

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 is a soundbar that is designed to enhance the audio quality of your TV and home theater system. It is a compact, 2.0 channel soundbar that includes a wireless subwoofer to provide a full, rich audio experience. This soundbar delivers stereo sound with a total power output of 70 watts. It features two built-in full-range speakers that provide a decent audio experience for movies, TV shows, and music playback. While it doesn’t include a separate subwoofer for deep bass, it does offer an enhanced bass feature called “Deep Bass Technology” to improve low-frequency response. The SB2020n-G6 offers multiple connectivity options to ensure compatibility with various devices. It has an HDMI input and an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) output, allowing for a simple and streamlined connection to your TV. Additionally, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary input, enabling you to connect devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops via a wired connection.

Some key features of the Vizio SB2020n-G6 soundbar include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: The soundbar has Bluetooth capability, which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or other device.
  • DTS Virtual:X technology: This technology creates a virtual surround sound experience by using advanced algorithms to upmix stereo audio and create a more immersive listening experience.
  • Voice control: The soundbar is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to control it using voice commands.
  • HDMI ARC: The soundbar has an HDMI port with ARC (Audio Return Channel) capability, which allows you to easily connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable and control it using your TV’s remote.
  • Compact design: The soundbar is slim and lightweight, which makes it easy to place on a shelf or mount on the wall.

To cater to wireless audio streaming, the soundbar includes Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily pair your compatible Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and stream audio wirelessly to the soundbar. This feature allows for convenient playback of music, podcasts, or other audio content without the need for physical connections.

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 comes with a basic remote control that allows you to adjust the volume, change audio settings, and switch between different input sources. The remote also provides control over Bluetooth pairing and playback controls for compatible devices.

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 soundbar is a budget-friendly option that offers a range of features and good audio performance for its price.

Vizio SB2020n-G6 is poor for movies. Because it doesn’t have a subwoofer, it lacks punch and rumble, which can make action movies less engaging. Although it can still produce a powerful bass, there is some compression and distortion that can be audible, even at more reasonable volumes. The sound stage is slightly wider than the bar itself, but it also sounds centered and diffused, depending on the sound. This soundbar also cannot decode or mix surround-to-stereo audio content.Vizio SB2020n-G6-

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 soundbar is generally considered to be a budget-friendly option that offers good value for its price. It typically retails for around/under $100, which is significantly less expensive than many other soundbars on the market.

In terms of audio quality, the Vizio SB2020n-G6 soundbar has received mostly positive reviews. It has a 2.0 channel configuration, which means it has two speakers that produce stereo sound. It also includes a wireless subwoofer, which adds bass to the audio. While it may not produce the same level of sound quality as more expensive soundbars with multiple channels and more powerful speakers, it is still capable of delivering clear, crisp audio and can significantly improve the sound of your TV and home theater system.

While the SB2020n-G6 is a relatively simple soundbar, it may offer additional features such as built-in Dolby Audio support, which enhances the audio quality and provides a more immersive listening experience. However, it’s worth noting that specific features can vary depending on the region or model variant.

It is important to keep in mind that the quality of a soundbar can depend on a number of factors, including the size and layout of the room in which it is used, the quality of the source material, and individual preferences. It may be helpful to read reviews and test out the soundbar yourself to determine if it meets your needs and expectations.

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 has a good stereo audio soundstage. Music and movies sound wider than the bar, but not by much. His attention is on the center of the bar, but as you try to separate the sounds in space, the sound stage spreads and the objects sound as if they do not always come from a precise and precise location. Photo:Vizio

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    The DTS Virtual X surround sound offers a wider sound stage then this review suggests. There is no HDMI (ARC) input as described in this review. However, included is a subwoofer output. Aftermarket subwoofer options offer better performance at more competitive prices then those included with this type of product. I found no audible distortion on my 2022 J6 version, even at relatively high volume levels.

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