5 Zeiss cameras,$699 price tag – Nokia 9 PureView

Back before his rebirth, Nokia’s biggest claim to fame in smartphones was the camera that drew attention to the Lumia 1020. Now, the company announced another device aimed at the photography market with the Nokia 9 PureView which does not host two, not three, but five cameras in the rear.

The camera is by far the biggest novelty of the Nokia 9 PureView. The device has five Zeiss cameras on the back that are built in conjunction with Light, the company that made that crazy camera with 16 individual modules. The 5 Cameras of the PureView are made of 2 RGB color sensors, which you will find in other devices, and also 3 monochromatic black and white sensors, all 12MP and have the same focal length.

Where companies like Samsung use additional sensors to capture different types of shots, Nokia is using all those extra lenses to capture more detail and more depth. Apparently, these extra lenses make it possible to capture much more light, as well as more than 1200 levels of depth in each shot. This makes it possible to create a realistic-looking bokeh in these images with Lightroom or Google photos.

As For how much this device works as a typical smartphone, it is what you would expect from any other flagship Android, since last year. The Nokia 9 PureView runs on top of the 845 Snapdragon chipset from last year’s admired, and the company says that this device is the first to make the most of the camera capabilities of that processor. Photo:9to5google