6 top tips to keep your Facebook account secure

6 top tips to keep your Facebook account secure

Thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked every day. We present six ways in which hackers can get into your account.


Facebook uses about 1.5 billion people.

1. Facebook phishing

This method is most commonly used for hacking Facebook accounts. There are several strategies to perform phishing attacks.

– Hacker makes a false login page which is almost identical to the original home page of Facebook.

Gets you an email in which you seek to sign on that page.

– When you do this, the server on which was formed a fake page will save the data users, which represents a phishing or data theft of a person.

2. keylogging

This is the easiest way to steal someone’s password. The method is so dangerous to him to fall and the people with solid computer skills. Keylogger is actually a small program that, once installed on a victim’s computer, it captures everything you tap on it. Log is then sent back to the hacker, and that’s it.safe-facebook-__3

3. Keeping passwords

About 80 users keeps his passwords to access Facebook in the browser. It is very convenient for you, but also for hackers who can easily enter the base of your “conserved” passwords that have been saved in this way. When you computer next time you are asked if you want to save the password, answer with “no.”

4. Hacking into Internet Cafe

Sit back and log on to a computer in an internet cafe. You are unaware that your attacker lurking. He hacked into the network connection and takes the data that the victim exchanged with the server. A similar thing can happen to you if you use the Wireless in public. Tip: If you use Firefox, add to it the so-called Force TLS, or if you use Chrome, KB SSL Enforcer.

5. Hacking your phone

There are a lot of software Of Spying mobile phone. How to defend yourself? Verify the phone number on Facebook or use a password generator for Android. If you have an android, you can set additional security feature that will ask you to enter the security code every time you log on to Facebook via the app.

6. Hacking with USB

If an attacker has access to your computer, he can put it on your USB programmed to automatically withdraw the passwords stored in the browser. How to defend yourself? Do not leave the laptop open and turned on while you are away from it, or install software that will not allow the computer to read unauthorized USBs.


– Use a strong password. To a hacker broke into password consisting of 12 letters, numbers and symbols, he needs about two years. By comparison, if you have a password with eight letters, the hacker could crack it for a week.

– Every three months change the passwords.

– Avoid the “remember password”

– Avoid adding people you do not know to your friends list.

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