Display Driver Uninstaller – Removes Intel, ATI, AMD and Nvidia display drivers

Display Driver Uninstaller is a very good, basic driver uninstaller utility that can quickly and effectively remove drivers installed by various brands of different video cards such as NVIDIA, AMD/ATI and Intel.

The program can be useful when the stubborn Windows installation system crashes and/or has trouble removing video drivers.

As a portable application, you don’t need to install the Display Driver Uninstaller which is useful considering the fact that it is not likely that removing and installing drivers a daily task.Display Driver Uninstaller

The Display Driver Uninstaller interface is simple and easy to use, and when you use the software, you have the option to create a system recovery point as recommended. The software also suggests running the application in safe mode.

Display Driver Uninstaller has a very simple interface. Select the graphics driver from the first drop-down menu, and after that, you can complete the actions with a click such as “Clean up and restart”, “Clean up and don’t restart” or “Clean up and close”. A record will immediately display the DDU version, the detected GPU, and the current version of the driver.

One last useful feature is the “Set up Windows Automatic Driver installation to default” which allows Windows to install an updated driver after Display Driver Uninstaller has completed its task.

In general, Display Driver Uninstaller is a useful application that makes removing complicated display drivers a quick and painless task.  Download Display Driver Uninstaller