Easy File Locker software-Lock or hide your files and folders[free]

If you are not interested in sharing certain files or information with other people using your personal computer, you may need some privacy. Easy File Locker is a tool that provides just that.

The program itself is very small in size, but is able to effectively block and hide files that are powered behind a master password. You can take care of multiple files or entire directories. You can set a password in the Properties box. Once you add files to your program, you can select which features will be enabled as accessible, recordable, erasable, or visible.

The way that Easy file locker works is similar to how a file Manager would do it. It gives you full access if you enter the correct password, which allows you to check the data that you are hiding.


Easy file Locker is simple and lightweight and is an effective way to protect files and folders that contain sensitive information. Uninstalling the program also requires a password, so do not miss!

In General, a good program that offers very good security.

Download Easy file Locker here