GlassWire – useful firewall application

GlassWire is a convenient firewall application that may assist you in viewing network activities, keeping track of bandwidth utilization, blocking app internet connections, and other tasks.

Irritating situations include when your apps connect to your computer without your authorization. Without a doubt, this could harm your computer and cause you to acquire unwanted trackers.

Additionally, you don’t want these applications to connect to the internet because they will use critical internet speeds. You can use an app called GlassWire to stop that.

This application was designed for people who wish to more precisely monitor their internet traffic and manage which apps can access the web.

GlassWire-Detect hidden threats
GlassWire – Detect spyware, malware, badly behaving apps, and bandwidth hogs


The platform provided by this tool for monitoring your internet traffic is by far its most helpful application.
You can use it to view what internet traffic is currently connected, including any programs that might be using up your bandwidth.

Additionally, it will display outgoing traffic along with its details. You may view the traffic and see various information about it, including the names and connection types of connections as well as their IP addresses. Additionally, if you like, this data can be presented as a graph, which can improve the clarity and accuracy of your observations.

GlassWire is a useful firewall application
GlassWire – useful firewall application

Additionally, the option to restrict internet access for particular applications is this app’s most crucial feature.
By doing this, apps won’t consume unnecessary amounts of bandwidth or connect to the internet when you don’t want them to. You have more control over your network since you can decide which applications may and cannot access to the internet.

Since you can keep track of which applications can connect to the internet and which cannot, GlassWire can be a useful app for protecting you and your network.

Free download GlassWire’s Firewall HERE

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