Health friendly app – Stretchly app that reminds you to take breaks when working on your PC

Are you doing work on your personal computer almost all working day? Stretchly, the break time reminder app, helps you to advise yourself to take a break now and then, many thanks to a simple user interface that helps you make sure you get adequate relax, and you are ready to work again with a refreshing mind.

An Helper To Take care of Your Time
Stretchly reminder is a very simple app. All it does is to help remind you to take breaks at this moment and after that. You can specify when you want to take breaks, how long all those breaks will be and enable it to give you notifications when you need to do so. But the function of Stretchly can be effective if you follow its suggestions and plan and use it appropriately.Stretchly

Working at personal computers for longer intervals has a long and well-documented background. Looking at the screen makes your eyes really feel irritated, you get head pain because of it, and your healthy posture starts to suck.

All of this can be prevented – at the bare minimum to an level – by using standard breaks in among your work so that you can extend your hip and legs, get your thoughts together, and get back to work becoming fresh.

A Light-weight Program Stretchly Will help (remind you) to Take Breaks
Stretchly app will not take up a important part of your resources. It is a pretty easy application that you can begin to use in just a couple of secs. All you need to do is do some configurations to help you take breaks at your preferred periods. The application will then stay in the system tray, counting down the time until eventually your next break. And any time that happens, it will immediately remind you.Stretchly appYou can temporarily stop the timer if you would like, and you can also very easily close it. Nevertheless, the application will send you signals displayed over all other programs that you might have opened. Shutting this notification is simple and achievable, as well. Photo: hovancikStretchly

Stretchly app will not just does it send you notifications, but it also provides you guidance on how to take breaks, health suggestions, and what to do during breaks. For instance, it may show you exactly how to stretch your body.

It can also give you exercising recommendations so that your breaks will be as efficient as they can be. You can also customize the application to your requirements as much as you would like, as you can clearly define when it reminds you to take breaks.

Preferences marked with Not Reliable might not work correctly and might break Stretchly. Use at own risk.

Note: Before 1.0, Mini Breaks and Long Breaks were called Microbreaks and Breaks, respectively. To keep the upgrade smooth they still use that name in preferences file and in code.

Stretchly is a very simple application that will certainly support you take breaks much more frequently.

Stretchly, a break time reminder app you can download here


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