Improve PC performance with Optimizer Tool

With free Optimizer tool, improve the performance level of your PC by adjusting the Windows settings, disable unnecessary Windows services, speed up your system, privacy settings, uninstall UWP apps, fix registry issues, clean your storages, remove unwanted programs, disable Cortana and much more…

This is due to some predetermined features and functionality that are unnecessary and take up space, which affects the smooth operation of the system.
Optimizer is a handy yet powerful tool that allows you full control over unnecessary system features. It grants the user permission to edit and make changes to window features, registry, other settings, and many Optimizer toolDisable default operating system features that affect system performance and user privacy
With the help of the Optimizer, some functions and programs ofind Applications such as Windows Defender, Ads, Skype for Business, bug detection and reporting and many more can be easily disabled in a simple process.
Depending on the version of the operating system, the application allows you to make special changes allowed in that version. This function is usually found on the second tab.

Unfortunately, there are no detailed guidelines on the step-by-step process to achieve this.

Troubleshoot registry issues, clean storage devices, and uninstall or disable unwanted startup programs
The application performs a quick operation to remove unwanted files, logs and programs from storage, freeing up space for more important things. In addition, the application checks the list of launcher programs for additions and makes the removal and management of such programs very easy.
Whenever a registry-related issue occurs, the application can be helpful in applying a quick fix. It also automatically restarts the Explorer to apply the new settings.

Edit and manage computer host files
Optimizer tool allows the computer user to easily make the desired changes to the host file. New mappings can be added or removed by inserting them individually or using an editor.
In addition, new commands could be entered in the right-click function. This includes custom commands such as programs, links and many more.Optimizer toolFinally, with the Optimizer tool, you can improve the performance, speed and user experience of your computer through changes in the default features and settings to suit your style and usage. Photo: Optimizer tool

Free download Optimizer tool HERE 


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