Opinion – What is the best graphic design software?

There are lots of graphic-design software solutions out there.Read on to learn more about some of them.

Easel.ly: is a free graphic design software that allows users to create infographics. You will find a certain amount of rough edges with this software since it is in the early stages; However, it lives up to its promise of being easy to use. Take a theme, shapes and objects, leave some text and you will have an infographic of acceptable appearance in a very short time.


Users can choose from a wide range of topics-coordinated themes from colors that are fully developed-which can be changed according to information needs. The result is a visually pleasing and sympathetic infographic that looks professional-which is not bad for something that costs nothing.

Inkscape: Inkscape is a free open source vector graphics editor. It is a great alternative for those whose budget cannot be moved to Illustrator, albeit with a couple of restrictions. It has incredible features of the system and tool that includes easy and clear user interface, 3d boxes tool that allows quick drawing and editing, Bezier curves tool that allows you to design complicated shapes, transparency effects of the Coating etc.

Blender:This free and open source 3d graphics solution is popular not only because it’s free, but because of the massive features that come with it. Blender is commonly used in the creation of applications, animated films, visual effects, video games and printed 3d models. It is capable of realistic rendering, as it comes with a tracer-plotter engine. Users can also easily create, edit, and transform models with application modeling tools

The platform has the ability to import and plot movies with its camera features and object tracking. His rig and animation tools can be used in the creation of TV series, advertisements and shorts, hence his popularity among amateur and professional filmmakers. A Python API, for its part, can customize drawings, interface sizes, colors and fonts.

Gimp:Image editing Solution GIMP is loaded with features that allow users to easily adjust images and make artwork of simple images. It has key features such as image enhancement, customizable brushes and color adjustment.


The software can also host advanced users with tools such as Bezier curves, an animation package, layer masks and easily accessible filters. It supports pre-installed and downloadable plugins and can be used without training. Although a simple tool, GIMP has all the features that graphic designers need.

Adobe Photoshop: An ideal photo editing software for
Photo editing: This is your main intended use. Adjust the photo settings, tweak the details, correct the lighting, etc.
Photographic manipulations: You can go beyond simple editing and create something completely new with photos, illustrations or drawings as source material.
Digital Art: Use photos and textures to create elaborate artwork. While this is not necessarily a graphic design, it can be an essential part of a graphic designer’s repertoire.
Pixel art: You can also use Photoshop to create pixel art, which is an art form that has inspired many vector-based illustrations today.
Heavy-textured designs-although InDesign is the most optimal software for design design, I made heavy album designs of textures and illustrations in Photoshop because it was easier than changing from one side to the other.
Post-production-often used in the final phase of a design process and, to add textures and highlights to an illustration/illustrations.
Web design: Photoshop is very capable when it comes to web design.

Adobe InDesign: An ideal layout and layout software for
Designs: It is the industry standard for designs; Models of albums, books, posters, etc. InDesign is extremely versatile.
Slideshows: It’s easy to copy/paste drawings from Illustrator to InDesign, upload images and add typography to set up a project presentation that will be exported as a PDF to your customer.
Typography: InDesign offers some of the best typographic features on the market. Particularly useful for the Book and Magazine configuration.
Web design: Although InDesign is not specially designed for website design, it works excellent in that capacity because it has a lot of control over metrics and placement of elements.
Logos & Icons-although I prefer Illustrator for logos and icon, InDesign has many vector capabilities and therefore could be used for logo and icon design as well. I often move from Illustrator to InDesign during the work process.

CorelDRAW:CorelDRAW graphic design software is popular for its creation of amazing images, designs, graphics and websites. You can meet almost every need any designer has. This is no surprise as the solution was designed to increase the user’s creativity with its vast collection of tools.

CorelDRAW includes many applications, including CorelCONNECT 2017, Corel Font Manager, and CorelPHOTO PAINT 2017. These tools are designed to help users in all aspects of graphic design. They are known for their ease of use, making graphic design a simple task even for novice users, providing a workplace that mixes easily with workflows.

Autodesk 3DS Max:3d modeling, rendering and animation of the Autodesk 3DS Max platform is designed for games and visual design. The tool is a popular choice among professionals like the developers of virtual reality games and game designers. It also has industrial uses, including infrastructure and construction design, construction and planning in the manufacturing industry.


The software is able to make impressive game worlds, characters and building environments. You can also animate characters, which can be inserted into the virtual configuration that the software creates also. The simulation of the camera configuration in real life can also be achieved as it has a 3d rendering function. In addition, the physical properties of liquids such as water, lava and oil can be simulated by the system.

Gravity Designer is one of the best graphic design software.

Gravity Designer: Formerly known as the Plain age, gravity Designer is a vector design application with all the functions suitable for all types of works, from the screen and icons drawings through presentations, illustrations and animations. It will export as PDF, SVG or bitmap, and if you need to access a project in the go there is the gravity cloud service that allows you to get to your work wherever you are.

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