PicPick tool – easy create and edit screenshots

PicPick is a complete editing tool for making screenshots, modify them, and personalize them using a huge range of editing tools inside the user interface.

If you require to take screenshots daily or even more frequently, using the Windows built-in screenshotting tool might not be the very best choice. While it does function some fine tools, you won’t have the editing tools at your disposal very simply, which is why many people turn towards third-party applications alternatively.

One of the ideal ones is a PicPick tool. It is an application focused to taking screenshots and editing them, as it features a awesome palette of options for editing the screenshots. It allows you to customize how you take screenshots, where you keep them, and how they look in a bit more detail.PicPick tool

Take and Edit Screenshots
The 1st thing you will notice with this software is that it will appear very comparable to Paint in Windows. In fact, it will offer some very similar tools, but it is also more extensive in some elements of use, particularly when it comes to editing tools.

To take screenshots, you will first want to assign the hotkey for managing them. You can select which button will execute the screenshot-taking capability, making it simple for you to take it quickly.

You can also pick whether you want to capture the whole screen or just a part of it – it’s totally up to you.

Personalize the Application
It is also excellent when it comes to tailoring the entire experience to your requirements. You’ll be able to modify many aspects in the Configurations panel, such as where you’ll save files, how you’ll name them, and the hotkeys that you’ll use to take screenshots. You can as well select the autosave function if you want and a lot of other tools with such a software.PicPick tool

PicPick is a detailed screenshot-taking tool that helps you to take screenshots and then edit them with simplicity, as it comes with a wide range of editing tools that you can choose from.

Download PicPick tool HERE

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