Project64 – Open Source Nintendo 64 emulator

Project64 is a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator for the Windows platform. The program was initially launched in 2001 and is open source. Furthermore, it does not require a BIOS like many other emulators.


The emulator allows you to play N64 ROMs like .Z64, .ROM or .N64. You can save the progress of the game in .PJ files and assign the third-party controller buttons to the standard N64 controls with the .JSF file. Project64 also allows the alteration of the proportions of the game and is compatible with multiplayer mode.The emulator is used by N64 players who want to play classics, such as Mario Kart 64 and GoldenEye007, on their computer. It allows users to save their game and customize the joysticks to work just like the original N64 drivers. Project64 is one of the best and the most popular N64 emulator available today.

File extensions used by Project64 2:

.N64 – Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File
.JSF Project64 Joystick File
.MPK Project64 Memory Pack File
.RDB N64 ROM Database
.ROM N64 Game ROM File
.V64 Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
.Z64 Nintendo 64 Game ROM

Project64 versions 2.x <strong>download</strong>