The best free photo editors to change or enhance your photos

PhotoScape has several sections at the top of the program where you can open different tools to perform different actions. Viewer, Photo Editor, Combine, and ANIMATED GIF are just some of the sections in PhotoScape.

The edit feature has dozens of frames to choose from, each with the ability to round corners and adjust frame margin and line settings.

You can also add objects and text and crop an image freely or use one of several presets (for example, 16:9, Legal Ratio, and US business card ratio).ezgif 1 c404040f9b66

Some other tools included in PhotoScape are a red-eyed remover, a clone-tight tool, a stain remover, a brush, and, among others, an effect brush (such as grayscale, blur, blackout, and brightness).

With each tool you select, a description of what you do and how to use it is displayed on the right, which is very useful and usually not a feature included in programs like this.

CinePaint‘s interface is very banal, colorless and boring, but that doesn’t mean the tools aren’t useful because they are.

Layers are supported so that you can overlay images together, change their blending mode, and change their opacity. You also get a selection tool with CinePaint, among many other common tools.

The first thing you’ll notice when you use CinePaint photo editor is that when you open a photo for editing, you can’t preview it to know you’re selecting the right one, which is a bad.

CinePaint can be downloaded for Windows.

Pixia has an outdated and unattractive interface, but the features and tools are by no means undesirable for a free photo editor.

Layer and mask layers are supported, as well as creating shapes, selecting objects, and editing common photos, such as changing color adjustment and tone balance, filling color, and selecting from different brushes.

All standard image file formats can be opened with Pixia, including those with the Photoshop PSD extension. Images can also be opened directly from the clipboard, camera, or scanner.

Pixia is available for Windows computers.

This free inPixio photo editor is designed for simplicity, but that doesn’t mean it’s empty of useful features. The program itself is easy to understand and navigate, and you can do everything from adding frames and layouts to cropping, changing brightness, and more.409

With one-click presets and frames, a before-and-after view, and easy-to-access editing tools, you can complete your changes in no time and even share your image directly to Facebook or Flickr from the Share menu.

If you like how you edited something and want to apply the same changes to another photo, it’s as easy as creating a custom preset.

Many types of image files can be opened in this program, and if it is saved on your computer, you can choose between JPG, PNG, TIFF, JXR and WDP.

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, more like Illustrator than a photo manipulation package, but it still has many useful functions.

The interface can be a bit messy, but this is just proof of the large number of tools it includes. Almost all the tools you use are often planted on either side of Inkscape for easy access.

Circles, arcs, 3D boxes, ellipses, stars, spirals, and polygons can be created using Inkscape. You can also draw straight or freehand lines.

Tons of file types are supported when opening and saving. Among many other useful features, you can work with layers, apply a large number of filters to an image, and use spell checking along with the Text tool.

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