Tips to easily format unformattable flash drives

We use removable archives for various purposes. Sometimes, we may encounter difficulties in formatting. This guide explains tips to easily format unformattable flash drives.

Sometimes, when we try to format the pen drive or memory card, it may show an error. Typically, you may receive an error message similar to the following.

“Windows was unable to complete the format”

This is due to the fact that the flash drive is write-protected, damaged, or affected by viruses. Most of the time we are disappointed to deal with this problem. So, let’s get to know the exciting tips. Format Unformattable Flash Drive

How To Format unformattable Flash Drive

If the flash drive is not physically damaged, these methods will certainly work.

Method 1: Format the damaged flash drive
This method will help you if the USB storage drive appears damaged or if there is a problem instead of any physical damage. Here are the steps to follow,


To format the unformattable USB flash drive, you need to connect it to your PC.
Then run the command prompt as an administrator. To run this process, go to the Start menu and type cmd and right-click the command prompt, and then select Run as administrator.

Now type DISKPART and press Enter.
After you do this, type LIST DISK.
The list of storage disks will now be displayed as DISK 0 and DISK 1. You’ll also see the size of the disc. Now type SELECT DISK 2 and press Enter. I wrote SELECT DISK 2 because DISK 2 is my pen.
Finally, type CLEAN and press Enter.


You did 99%. Now you need to complete the last step.

Just go to the Control Panel > System and Security.
Now, click on “Create and format hard disk partitions.”
Next, locate and select the unallocated storage space of the flash drive and right-click it.
Then select New Simple Volume and follow the instructions on the screen.
Now, format the raw flash drive. You won’t find the problem anymore.

Method 2: Protected flash drive write format
Sometimes, “The disk is write-protected” is displayed when you format a pen drive or memory card. In this case, this method will help you. Here things, you’ll have to follow.

At first, open the command prompt as an administrator.
Now, type diskpart and press ENTER, then type list disk and press enter like before.
Then select the flash drive by running the Select disk 2 command. Here, disk 2 is my pen drive. For you, it can be disk 1 or disk 3 or whatever.
Now, type the attributes of the disk delete read only and press Enter.
After that, format the flash drive. You will never have to deal with any problems again.
We hope that these two methods will help you a lot.


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