Transform Your Mobile into a Wireless Mic with WO Mic

WO Mic empowers you to transform your mobile device into a wireless microphone, seamlessly integrating it with your computer for activities such as gaming, streaming, or online conversations.

Recognizing the significance of a reliable microphone for computer chat sessions, WO Mic ensures that you can engage with friends even if you currently lack a dedicated mic. By downloading and installing WO Mic, your mobile device instantly becomes a versatile wireless microphone, facilitating communication with friends, colleagues, or gaming companions.

WO Mic
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Utilizing WO Mic extends beyond mere chatting, as the application allows your mobile device to serve as a microphone for various applications. Compatible with communication platforms like Skype and video games with built-in audio communication setups, the application operates through USB, wireless, or Bluetooth connections, offering flexibility even without specific hardware.

To configure WO Mic for optimal performance, installation is straightforward but requires some initial setup. Once installed, the application collaborates with corresponding mobile device software to capture your voice through the phone’s microphone and transmit it to your computer. The three components—WO Mic App on your phone, WO Mic Client on your computer, and WO Mic Virtual Device in kernel space—work seamlessly to emulate a real microphone, providing audio data to applications like Sound Recorder.

Notable features of WO Mic include its cost-free wireless microphone functionality, compatibility with various PC programs, minimal latency, user-friendly configuration, and support for multiple connection methods: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. The audio format is set at 48000 sampling rate, 16 bits per sample, and mono channel.

WO Mic stands out as a versatile solution that effortlessly transforms your mobile device into a microphone, catering to diverse needs such as communication, recording, voice remote control, and more. With millions of users relying on its capabilities daily, WO Mic remains a reliable and accessible tool for enhancing your computer-based audio experiences.

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