TuxGuitar application – compose music using a lot of useful features

“Great software! Simple to use and configure. A lot of useful features.”-just one of comments about this great app. TuxGuitar is a great open source application used to compose music. The app offers a wide variety of composition tools and also lets users to develop plugins for the software to add efficiency.TuxGuitar will save music compositions in the .TG file and allows you to import and export .GTP, .GP3, .GP4, .GP5 and .MID files. TuxGuitar as well supports the import of .PTB and .TEF files and export to .LY and .TXT files. A range of functions come with the application that help you in composing music, which includes a tablature editor, a score viewer, a multitrack display, and the capability to control the duration of notes and tempo of your music.


The program is extensible, also, allowing you to include features via user-created plugins. You can set up support for extra formats, modify the sound output system, and much more.

TuxGuitar is a practical and simple-to-use application for composing music. It supports many tablature formats and a wide range of features for composing music. TuxGuitar is one of the best application on the market. Visit and download TuxGuitar.

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