Unlocker program – Unlock locked files on your pc

Unlocker is a tiny and light-weight application that enables you get full control over your data files and folders, which will help you unlock files and eliminate hanging operations.

Doing work with Microsoft windows is, the majority of of the time, plain sailing. But occasionally, you stumble upon niggling minor difficulties that keep duplicating themselves, which can often really make you disappointed and upset. If you are a serious Windows user who has used it for many years now, then you have most definitely already experienced the “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” trouble.Unlocker is a very simple and light and portable program

This issue happens whenever one of your computer files or folders is locked. And a excellent solution to fix this problem and unlock all these files is to use Unlocker, a basic but powerful software that helps you precisely with this problem. It enables you to take control of your files and folders, and you’ll be able to choose permissions for them.

Unlock Files and Get rid of Errors
If you are exhausted of these errors that don’t let you use your files in the way you want to, then you need to think about this tool. It will help you make absolutely sure you can delete files again and use them as you want them. Unlocker is thought to be as the very best file of its type, and deservingly so – it’s light-weight, easy to use, and really efficient.

In addition to unlocking files, you will be in a position to keep your personal computer running perfectly and totally free of any possible faults and freezes, which might happen pretty often. In those cases, you’ll be able to kill processes that are triggering this problem. It will allow you to unload DLLs, delete index.dat files, and change locked files.

Access Locked Files
If you have locked files on your pc, you are unable to do much with them. You won’t be able to relocate them, delete them, rename them – or any other action, for that matter.

Unlocker is a very simple, light and portable program that will help you unlock and remove files and stop processes that may cause your laptop or computer to freeze.

Unlocker functions and advantages:
removes locked data files with just two clicks
available through context menu

Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
File size: 338 KB
License: Free
Click and download Unlocker software Download Unlocker

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