X-Proxy software – Update proxy list automatically and surf anonymously

X-Proxy is a software that helps you to disguise your IP address while browsing the Web and is a slow alternative to VPN services for privacy.

As you browse the WEB, your computer will connect to a server and expose your IP address to that site. In some cases, WEB services can restrict what they show in terms of area constraints. In other cases, government agencies can also be tracers.

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X-Proxy provides an effective and free way to hide what you are doing online as long as it is configured correctly.

When you start X-Proxy, it will automatically download a long list of public anonymous proxy servers that your program will then configure in your desired browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You can choose the country where you want the proxy to be where you can provide access to regional restricted content.

One of these problems with X-Proxy is that anonymous proxies are often very busy and disappear or suddenly stop working, which makes the use of X-proxy quite tedious.

What in mind, is also free and so are the proxies that you are using. A good free alternative could be Tor Browser (for anonymity) or Hello Unblocker to circumvent the restrictions of the region.

 X-Proxy features: 

  • A modern and accessible interface
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Updated version and code automatically
  • Upgrade and verifies proxy list automatically
  • More than 30 skins are available
  • Find country by IP address
  • Find IP domain name
  • Ping an IP or host name
  • Removes the history of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Speed Test
  • Tour of anonymity
  • Finds proxy servers and VPN servers
  • Blocks all types of ads, malicious websites, browser hijackers, etc.

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