Create your own video? The best 6 Video Editing Software review


Creating video content can become a great passion for some, and even in a career as well. But, to get to this point, you have to start somewhere. Within any job, people start at a beginner stage in order to train, learn and work their way up.

This is the same when you become a video editor. Whether for a high-end company or editing your own videos, you will still start as a beginner and need to learn your way around quality workstation software in order to produce reliable end results.

There are a number of simple but effective software that have been created specifically for beginners, to learn their way around the tools and features offered to create a high quality video editing.VIDEO EDITING

In order to make the search a little easier, below will be the 6 best video editing software on the market. So you can find the best for your skill set, and start producing videos that everyone will enjoy with minimal bugs involved!

1- Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program that is currently in its 25th version and has consistently gotten faster and more potent over time. The software’s creator, Corel, also creates the VideoStudio video editing program, with Pinnacle occupying the more expensive end of the market. Pinnacle has top-notch editing features and effects including stop-motion video, multicam editing, and motion tracking that are targeted at hobbyists with near-professional skill levels. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the challenging learning curve that comes with professional video editing software.

Pinnacle studio editing software allows the user to create a professional video result within their fully advanced toolset and the tracks provided. Advanced editing gives the designer complete precision, allowing them to create details and beautiful changes in HD and 4K quality.

The current version’s new features include 8K compatibility, intelligent object tracking, blend modes, and personalized audio noise reduction. Version 24’s face motion tracking with mosaic blur, redesigned title editor, and enhanced keyframe controls are further recent feature updates. Version 23 before it brought several significant new features of its own, such as batch processing, clip nesting, animated GIF creation, color LUT presets, and selectable color vectorscopes.

The powerful software is creative and customizable, allowing beginners to practice at their leisure, and they are displayed in each tool with the ability to change everything you need. Not to mention the application that is classified as extremely efficient with intuitive tools and eye-catching tutorials, so that the beginner can go ahead and enter the editing world as soon as possible.

2- Blender
Blender is another free video editing software perfect for beginners. However, this time it supports 3D editing creations that include modeling, animation, and simulation, with the 2D design option included.

This software is perfect for video editors who would like to get in and know about animated movies, character production and how design and screen can be turned into a novel. It is really built for those who have a passion for animation, offering users the ability to work within all forms of animated presets. For example, greasy pencil, sculpture, rendering, modeling, visual effects and animation, covering almost all aspects that can arise in editing an animated video.blenderBlender is also a very flexible application. Cross running on most Linux computers at Microsoft. Priceless, it is not clear why someone would not choose this software for animation editing!

3- Magix Easy Video
The following video editing software is designed with ease and simplicity. But it still allows the editor to create results that are of an impressive high-quality standard priced at 49.99 dollars (with a 30-day free trial).

The app is called Magix Video Easy and is widely compatible with almost all recording devices and computers, with an intuitive user interface, offering a wide range of tools and tracks, so every change created is the best it can be. MAGIX Video easy highlights include: – Support for all commonly used phones, digital cameras, and camcorders – Support for H.264, 4K, and Ultra HD – New interface Numerous elegantly animated menu layouts – Convenient connection and introduction wizard – New video effects, blur fades, and backlight correction – Top-notch outro and intro animations – Export to files, YouTube, Blu-ray Disc, and DVD

The software is HD and 4K quality focused in order to always produce sharp editing results, with cinematic transitions and even the ability to work within an animation for introduction or outro.

Magix Video is sure to surprise all family members or even the office with high-level videos that can allow even a beginner to do. Following the practical and free tutorials, the team offer is a recommendation, as always, in order to fully understand the workstation and make sure that most have been removed from what is offered.

4- VideoPad
This is one of the best video editing software produced only for Windows users. It is one of the best applications for beginners in the world of editing and has just started in order to create a multimedia video career.

The software was made with simple video compositions, 3D video editing offering and a collection of pre-made transitions, making any beginner create professional-looking video edits while learning their way around a new set of tools.

Although created for beginners, the software continues to mimic the style of the most advanced applications. With a full interface with important elements like a double screen. This allows the editor to view the selected and edited clips and the other to view the entire sequence when completed, to have a functional workflow at hand.

And, since this was created for those who have just started, the app runs along with a large set of useful tutorials and videos that help the user learn their way around the interface. In addition, all the tips you need to learn shortcuts and features to further expand your video editing knowledge.

5- HitFilm 4 Express

With already 5,556,348 users (and counting) already using HitFilm, this is definitely one of the best video editing software. Not to mention the fact that the app is free for a user to work, perfect for beginners who are not paid for editing but still want to create amazing changes!

There are over 410 effects and presets within this app while it is compatible with Apple and Windows, so that anyone can start learning with HitFilm software.
Even if the service is completely free, it doesn’t diminish your professionalism and the results you can produce. With so many people using and creating more, there is no better evidence. Including the offer to watch tutorials that help the editor learn their way around this new interface quickly, so they can start editing at any time.

6- Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading video editing programs to be released. It creates videos from movies, TVs and websites and can also help improve Google’s list of my business through a comprehensive set of integration tools and software, in order to give the publisher a smooth workflow and a professional finish every time.
This editing software is also used by those in the Hollywood film industry, concluding that this app is one to compete with. This industry leader is configured to allow the user to edit movies from any device in a modern, easy-to-understand format.

Similarly, the toolset always produces movies with a high-end 8K quality resolution, and also offers the possibility of a virtual reality video. Color selection, audio preferences, and quality graphics show that Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software for the future. One that any design that any drawing approaches quickly should get your hands on and learn in order to start creating changes smoothly, as soon as possible.

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