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Photo! Editor – Enhance your photos with this fantastic software

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Photo! Editor offers you all the image editing capabilities of a premium plan, for absolutely free. The software includes tools that will enhance your photographs and bring all of them to life.
The User Interface is very easy to navigate and many of the tools will work in either automatic or in manual mode.

The Fix Red Eye tool lets you to simply remove red eye from your photos. You can either correct your photo automatically or edit it in manual mode.The Enhance Color tool contains an variety of enhanced tools for modifying the color balance, contrast, brightness and saturation of an photo. You can do this automatically or manually.
The Denoise tool will allow you to successfully get rid of luminance and color noise from photos that were made under inadequate lighting conditions.
The Deblur tool helps you to sharpen blurry images. This tool uses a great advanced technique that makes it possible to enhance seriously blurred photos.

Create Caricature:This tool lets you make funny caricatures by transforming images with unique warping effects.The Make Up tool has a set of retouching filters that can be used for portrait improvement.
Lighting:This effects tool allows you apply aesthetic lighting effects to your images.




The Straighten tool provides the easiest method to straighten tilted photos.
The Resample tool lets you resize images by enlarging or reducing them without image quality loss.
The Crop tool allows you to crop photos in a clear and sharp technique.
Batch processing allows you easily edit multiple photos with just minimum effort. You can process batches of photos by using the Windows explorer context list. Photo! Editor download

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