Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 Monitor: Review

The Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 emerges as a sturdy gaming monitor with commendable build quality, showcasing minimal creaking and flex within its plastic framework. Despite its 32-inch display, it exhibits rapid wobble recovery when subjected to slight taps along its edges or corners. Embracing the signature design elements of Legion gaming monitors, such as the wide ribbed base and silver “Legion” insignia, it also integrates customizable RGB lighting through its dedicated software.

Constructed primarily from plastic, the monitor’s stand maintains solidity owing to the ribbing and metal frame in its base. While offering decent ergonomics with height adjustment and tilt features, its rotation capabilities are notably absent. However, it compensates with swivel adjustments and includes convenient features like a cable management loop and a retractable headphone hook at the back.

Lenovo Legion Y32p-30
Lenovo Legion Y32p-30


The Lenovo Legion Y32P-30 adds a touch of style with its RGB lighting feature, which goes beyond mere decoration by reacting to actions like powering on or off sources and changing colors during input switches.

However, what really stands out to me is its versatile port selection. Gamers, especially those with next-gen consoles, will appreciate the inclusion of two HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing for 4K gaming at 120Hz with HDR support for PlayStation 5. Additionally, the USB-C port, offering up to 75W power delivery, is a boon for Ultrabook users, ensuring ample charging capacity for devices like the 2020 MacBook Pro. video: YouTube/Lenovo

While some features might not be essential for hardcore gamers, multi-source users like myself will find them invaluable. The monitor includes PiP (Picture-in-Picture) and PBP (Picture-by-Picture) functions, which are handy for simultaneous viewing of two sources. More importantly, the KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) functionality via the USB hub is a standout feature. It allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to the hub and use them with both your USB-C source and another source, though limited to two sources at a time, with one being via USB-C.

Regardless of KVM, the Lenovo Legion Y32P-30 offers a delightful user experience. Its 31.5-inch IPS panel provides ample screen real estate, especially when running at its native 4K resolution, delivering crisp images with its high pixel density of almost 140 PPI. The size is just right, as anything larger would require curvature for optimal viewing.

Despite its strengths, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 faces challenges in terms of black uniformity, especially when local dimming is deactivated, leading to noticeable backlight bleed in dimmer environments. Even with local dimming enabled, black uniformity remains subpar, particularly affecting viewing experiences with certain HDR content under Windows 11.

In terms of color accuracy, the monitor impresses in sRGB mode, delivering pre-calibrated excellence. However, there are minor discrepancies in darker and brighter areas, accompanied by a slightly cold color temperature. While the ‘sRGB’ Color Temp mode locks out certain settings, alternative picture modes offer more flexibility albeit with a compromise in accuracy. Furthermore, its HDR color volume, while decent, falls short in reproducing vibrant colors typical of DCI-P3 content and struggles with deep blacks.

On the performance front, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 boasts a fast native refresh rate of 144Hz, supporting various VRR technologies including FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR, along with being G-SYNC compatible, albeit limited to DisplayPort. Input lag is commendably low, enhancing gaming responsiveness, although backlight strobing marginally impacts this metric.

Moreover, the monitor demonstrates compatibility with gaming consoles like the PS5, supporting VRR and HDR functionalities, albeit with certain limitations in subsampling. Its connectivity options are robust, featuring four video-in ports, enabling simultaneous connections to multiple devices, along with audio output support.

For office use, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 shines with its spacious 32-inch display and 4k resolution, offering exceptional text clarity despite its limited reflection handling. Decent ergonomics and viewing angles enhance collaborative work environments, complemented by features like a USB hub and KVM switch.

Legion Y32p-30
Legion Y32p-30 – images: Lenovo

In media consumption, the monitor excels with its immersive display, accurate SDR colors, and satisfactory brightness levels. However, its drawbacks include mediocre contrast and HDR brightness, affecting the overall viewing experience, particularly in darker environments.

In the realm of media creation, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 delivers a compelling workspace with its large size, high resolution, and impressive color accuracy. Nonetheless, challenges persist in contrast and black uniformity, hindering detailed editing tasks, especially in darker settings.

Furthermore, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 caters to the needs of media creators, offering a spacious canvas for editing tasks and exceptional text clarity. Despite its limitations in contrast and black uniformity, its impressive color accuracy in SDR mode provides a solid foundation for content creation endeavors. However, the monitor’s inability to fully cover the DCI-P3 HDR color gamut may deter professionals working with HDR content.

Despite these limitations, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 remains a versatile display solution, bridging the gap between gaming, productivity, and entertainment. Its robust performance, coupled with a host of features such as customizable RGB lighting, ergonomic adjustments, and extensive connectivity options, ensures a satisfying user experience across various use cases.

Lenovo Legion Y32p-30
Lenovo Legion Y32p-30

The Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 stands as a testament to Lenovo’s commitment to delivering high-quality displays tailored to the needs of modern users. While not without its flaws, its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses, making it a worthy investment for gamers, professionals, and multimedia enthusiasts alike. With its combination of performance, features, and versatility, the Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 sets a new standard for gaming monitors in its class.


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