Max performance – Samsung 990 PRO SSD 4TB M.2 Gen4

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with the Samsung 990 PRO SSD 4TB M.2 Gen4. This cutting-edge SSD takes performance to the next level, boasting faster transfer speeds and high-performance bandwidth. Compared to its predecessor, the 980 PRO, it showcases a remarkable 55% improvement in random performance, making it ideal for heavy computing and faster loading.

As the fastest SSD from the world’s leading flash memory brand, the Samsung 990 PRO delivers the speed you need for any occasion. With read and write speeds reaching up to 7450/6900 MB/s, you’ll harness the near-maximum performance of PCIe 4.0, allowing you to power through tasks seamlessly, whether it’s gaming, video editing, data analysis, or more.

Don’t limit yourself – the 990 PRO provides ample storage capacities ranging from 1TB to 4TB. Sync all your saves and dominate in various applications, knowing you have the space to handle it all. Moreover, it’s not just about speed; it’s a power move. With up to 50% improved performance per watt over the 980 PRO, you’ll experience enhanced power efficiency, making every move more effective with less consumption.

Samsung 990 PRO SSD
Samsung 990 PRO SSD

Keeping your system cool is crucial, and the Samsung 990 PRO SSD ensures that you can ramp up performance without overheating. Equipped with Samsung’s nickel-coated, high-end controller, this SSD delivers effective thermal control, preventing performance drops mid-project and ensuring your checkpoints are saved.

To unlock the full potential of the 990 PRO, leverage Samsung Magician’s advanced and intuitive optimization tools. Monitor drive health, optimize performance, protect valuable data, and receive important updates, ensuring you always get the best performance from your SSD.

The new Samsung 990 PRO SSD, available in a 4TB variant, pushes the boundaries of sequential reads and writes, reaching up to 7,450/6,900 MB/s. Its impressive IOPS, at 1.6/1.55 million for random read and write, respectively, set a new standard. Backed by a five-year warranty with a 2400TB endurance rating, this SSD ensures reliability. Although the launch pricing is $344.99 for the bare model and $354.99 for the heatsinked version, the performance justifies the premium, especially considering expected retail sale prices.

Samsung supports the 990 PRO with essential software, including the Samsung Data Migration tool for seamless drive migration and the gold standard Samsung Magician application. Version 8.0 of the Magician app offers a comprehensive SSD toolbox with features like drive and system information, diagnostics, performance testing and optimization, overprovisioning, LED/RGB control, encryption, and even a chatbot virtual assistant. Keep your firmware up to date and maximize your SSD’s potential with these powerful tools.

Samsung 990 PRO SSD
990 PRO SSD – images: Samsung

The utilization of TurboWrite ensures that Samsung 990 PRO SSD drives deliver robust performance across a wide range of consumer-class workloads. The SLC buffer, responsible for the fastest writes, plays a key role in maintaining efficiency. Although write performance may decrease after the buffer is exhausted, the 4TB drive efficiently flushes the SLC cache, allowing it to sustain strong write performance throughout its entire capacity.

Backing the reliability of the SSD 990 Pro series, Samsung provides a 5-year warranty, consistent with previous-generation offerings. Users can also benefit from Samsung’s Magician SSD management utility, with version 8 anticipated to be available around the time of your review. This updated Magician version seamlessly combines traditional Magician features with Samsung’s Portable SSD application, Data migration tool, and SD Card authentication application, offering a comprehensive suite for SSD management.


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