Review: Panasonic TX-48MZ800B OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Within the dynamic sphere of home entertainment, the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV asserts itself as a compact dynamo, presenting a captivating synthesis of compatibility, performance, gaming finesse, OLED brilliance, all at an enticingly accessible price.

The Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV boasts a sleek design that seamlessly integrates into any living space. The 48-inch OLED screen commands attention without dominating the room, striking a balance between size and impact. The minimal bezels add to the immersive viewing experience, letting the display take center stage. The TV is a testament to Panasonic’s commitment to quality aesthetics, ensuring that your entertainment hub remains both functional and stylish.

Panasonic TX-48MZ800B – Performance:
Packing a punch in terms of performance, the TX-48MZ800B impresses with its 4K Ultra HD resolution. The OLED technology and LED backlighting deliver deep blacks and vibrant colors, providing a visual feast for cinephiles and casual viewers alike. The Smooth Motion Drive PRO ensures that fast-paced action scenes remain crisp and blur-free, contributing to an overall immersive viewing experience.

Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV
Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV

Gaming Experience:
For avid gamers, the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV doesn’t disappoint. Game Mode, with reduced input lag, makes gaming super-responsive. The inclusion of TWITCH via Google Play is a delightful bonus for those who love to stream and engage with the gaming community. Whether you’re into high-stakes battles or exploring expansive virtual worlds, this TV enhances the gaming experience, making it a fantastic choice for the gaming enthusiasts out there.

Smart TV Features:
Running on the Android TV platform, the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV ensures effortless access to a plethora of entertainment streaming apps. With the Google Assistant at your beck and call, navigating through channels, adjusting volume, or locating content becomes as simple as asking. The TV’s compatibility with Dolby Atmos sound adds another layer to the audio experience, providing enveloping sound with a built-in subwoofer for a deeper, more rounded quality. The option to link to a soundbar via wireless Bluetooth or HDMI eARC interface offers flexibility in upgrading the audio setup.

Unique Features and Software:
One standout feature is the TV’s compatibility with various HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. This ensures that you get the best possible picture quality, with stunning contrasts and lifelike colors. The inclusion of a Quad Core Processor and 4K Colour Engine PRO ensures smooth operation and vivid visuals.

However, the setup process might pose a slight challenge for some users, but the payoff in picture quality makes it well worth the effort. It’s worth noting that the TV may have initial difficulties accessing the Google Play Store, but a workaround involves resetting the TV to “Safe Mode” and then opening the Play Store. Once this is done, the TV seamlessly operates in normal mode.

On the downside, the absence of a default web browser might be an inconvenience for some users. While a web browser can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the compatible options might not match the fluidity of more common browsers. The inability to download Google Chrome adds to this hiccup, and the available browsers may come with an unwanted side dish of ads.

Price and Value:
Priced at £799, the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV offers excellent value for money, especially considering its premium features and OLED technology. This TV successfully disproves the notion that smaller screens compromise on quality, delivering a top-tier viewing experience in a more compact package.

Panasonic TX-48MZ800B
Panasonic TX-48MZ800B

Connectivity and Convenience: The Panasonic TX-48MZ800B TV doesn’t skimp on connectivity options. With three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and Bluetooth capability, it ensures you have plenty of options for connecting your favorite devices. The inclusion of ARC (Audio Return Channel) and eARC enhances the audio experience, especially when paired with compatible sound systems or soundbars. The TV’s Wi-Fi capability also adds to the convenience, allowing seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the TV’s interface is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive Android TV platform. The user-friendly interface ensures that even those less tech-savvy can quickly adapt to the various features and settings. The inclusion of voice control via Google Assistant further simplifies the user experience, allowing you to control the TV with just your voice. Whether you’re searching for content, adjusting settings, or launching apps, the Google Assistant is there to assist, making your entertainment experience more enjoyable and hands-free.

Energy Efficiency: In an era where energy efficiency is a growing concern, the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B doesn’t disappoint. The OLED technology, with its ability to individually control pixels, contributes to a more energy-efficient display. This not only benefits the environment but also your electricity bill, making the TV a sustainable and cost-effective choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

Customer Support and Warranty: Panasonic has a reputation for providing excellent customer support, and the TX-48MZ800B is no exception. The TV comes with a standard warranty, offering peace of mind in case of any manufacturing defects. Additionally, Panasonic’s responsive customer service ensures that any queries or concerns you may have are addressed promptly, enhancing the overall ownership experience.


  1. Stunning OLED display with deep blacks and vibrant colors.
  2. Excellent gaming performance with reduced input lag and TWITCH access.
  3. Android TV platform for seamless access to a wide range of streaming apps.
  4. Compatibility with various HDR formats for an immersive viewing experience.
  5. Dolby Atmos sound with a built-in subwoofer for enhanced audio quality.
  6. Intuitive user interface with voice control via Google Assistant.
  7. Energy-efficient OLED technology.
  8. Three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity.


  1. Initial setup process may be a bit challenging for some users.
  2. Lack of a default web browser; the need to download one from the Play Store.
  3. Incompatibility with Google Chrome; limited browser options.
  4. Some compatible browsers come with clunky interfaces and unwanted ads.

Verdict: The Panasonic TX-48MZ800B OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV stands as a testament to Panasonic’s commitment to delivering premium entertainment experiences. Its combination of exceptional picture quality, gaming prowess, and smart features make it a compelling choice for consumers seeking a versatile and stylish addition to their home entertainment setup. While a few quirks in the setup process and browser options may be present, the overall package, coupled with a reasonable price point, makes the Panasonic TX-48MZ800B a strong contender in the competitive world of smart TVs. Whether you’re a movie buff, a avid gamer, or someone who simply appreciates top-notch visual and audio quality, this TV is poised to elevate your home entertainment to new heights.


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